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   Soul Midwife Services 


 I offer love, support and compassionate care to the dying.  I am deeply committed to providing this heart - led  service at the end of  life. I take a, gentle, calm  approach to the spiritual and sensitive aspects of death and dying. Most importantly I help to provide comfort, continuous support and reassurance so a dying person can experience the death he or she wants. 





Soul Midwifery brings tender, loving care to the dying and offers gentle, companionship at the end of life.


As part of this role I help support what a “good death” might feel like suggesting and supporting practices which may help the dying to “die well”.


I also help create and hold a sacred and healing space so that a loved one may die gently and in peace.


I was inspired to train as a Soul Midwife in 2009 after two personal and profound life changing end- of- life experiences. In the same year I also studied to become a Birth Doula and see many parallels between compassionately caring for people and supporting them at both the beginning and end of their lives. 


More recently I have trained as a volunteer befriender to people with life -limiting illnesses with Oxfordshire Befriending at End Of Life

(OxBEL) and I regularly facilitate and co host death cafes as a volunteer with OxBEL across Oxfordshire.


If you would like to speak to me and feel you would like guidance and support in keeping a loving vigil for a dying loved one, please get in touch.


Only with love,


Claire Turnham - Soul Midwife





"We can do no great things. Only small thngs with great love" 


Mother Teresa



I do not charge for any support or guidance I give to help families tenderly care for their dying loved ones as they approach the end of their life.


 I wish to honour the traditions of those who have carried these roles before me and I offer my time, skills and knowledge to families just before and just after death of a loved one as a gift from my heart. I have no expectations of payment for these sacred services.


However, if you choose to offer one, I will gratefully accept your donation or payment in kind , as a token of appreciation from your heart to mine.


Only with love,


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