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Only With Love - Services

gently changing death care one family at a time

Do you wish to create and hold a sacred space for a dying loved one?


Do you need guidance and support in keeping a loving vigil for them?



Would you like to  reclaim the lost art of caring for your loved one at home after they die?


Would you like to learn more about family led home funerals?





Do you wish to honour your loved one with a funeral that celebrates their life and is true to their beliefs, wishes and values? 


Do you wish to save money on expensive funeral costs?

 "I absolutely think Claire is a game changer because she understands the emotional, spiritual and cultural values of those families most likely to be attracted to caring for their own at death. 


I don't think anyone who has arranged a home funeral has, afterwards, said they wish they hadn't.


I don't think there's a recorded case of anyone who did not find it a precious and enriched time which nourished them for years after. Stepping up and doing what we can is incredibly important in this matter of farewelling our dead. 


 The help Claire is now offering to other families is brilliant. I am very, very excited. 

I love the look and feel of her website too. I wish Claire every blessing and every success."


Charles Cowling,

Only With Love - family led home funerals

gently changing death care one family at a time


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