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Home Funeral Arranging Services & Ceremonies

 I offer a heart-led, sensitive and unique approach to the way funerals are  planned for, crafted and arranged. I believe funerals belong with families and I work hand in hand with families to guide them through this process so at the end they feel they have done their very best to respect, honour and celebrate the life of their loved one and the love they shared.



Making arrangements


My role as a funeral arranger is to support, inform and advise the family in between the death of their loved one and the funeral. This is a very precious time and spending it with your loved one is often found to be very healing, beautiful and transforming.


You can choose to have a natural or eco - funeral using our services within the Oxfordshire area.


 For those families who wish to remain in creative control of the process but feel they would like to be guided in making the funeral arrangements I offer all of and/or some of the following services. 


Home based, funeral consultation. I work individually by appointment with   families and provide a seamless and high value, personal service. Information  and guidance is provided within 24 hours and we will discuss all choices for burial or cremation at this time.  I explain how much things cost and listen to how much the family wishes to be involved in the care of their loved one, the ceremony and the funeral arrangements. A further meeting with the family  will be set up within 48 hours so necessary decisions and funeral ceremony arrangements can be made.


Coordination and transport It is legal for a family to use their own family car to transport their loved one or alternatively I can arrange for them to be brought home to you from the hospital, hospice, mortuary or funeral directors in a plain coloured estate vehicle and to be taken from your home on the day of the funeral. 


Coordination of services I work with the hospital, hospice, coroner and/or funeral director if these services are required. If your loved one has been transferred to a funeral directors which has not been your choice they do not have to stay there, Neither do you have to continue to use their services. If you do wish to use the services of a funeral director I can recommend one to you in Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. I will liaise with the staff at either the burial ground, cemetery or crematoruium you have chosen.


Documentation I provide information about procedures, costs, rules and regulations and I can assist you with the completion of necessary forms and documentation. I will ensure you have the medical certificate unless the coroner is involved and I will help you to register the death.  


Education and after death care I encourage families to spend quiet time with the body and will guide you in how to gently prepare, and care for the body. This may include washing, dressing and laying out of your loved one at home to ensure they are comfortable, clean and secure. I do not offer embalming services as it is rarely required, is an unnessary cost and can be harmful to the environment. There is no charge for these services.


Setting up Sacred Space I can help you to create a special sacred area within your home to honour and celebrate the life of your loved one. It may include special momentoes, candles, incense, music, photographs and/or memory keepers which are meaningful and precious to you. I can guide you in the art of vigiling with meditations, blessings, readings, flowers and music which you may wish to share with your loved one at this precious time. 


 Simple Coffin or Shroud I can arrange the purchase and delivery of a simple cardboard coffin or bamboo shroud to your home. The cost of either of these  eco friendly choices is included in the arrangers fee. If you prefer an alternative I can recommend and source others which are locally made within the UK. These will be an additional cost. I encourage you to choose family or friends to be pall bearers as it is a humbling and meaningful privilege to experience. 


Art Materials.I provide a sample of art materials and can share ideas for you to use if you wish to decorate and personalise the coffin. Families who do this have found it to be a very special, healing, creative, and connecting experience.


Ceremony Planning - I can work with you as much as you wish to create an individual ceremony with warmth, love, heart and soul  The ceremony may be led by family, friends, clergy or myself as an independent funeral celebrant. 


Creating Ceremony 


  • My role as an independent funeral celebrant is to work together with you as much as you wish to create a deeply personal ceremony which truly reflects, celebrates and honours the life of your loved one. I will take time and care to listen to you, ensuring your beliefs, values, stories and wishes are at the centre of the service. 


  • I only work with one family at a time and I offer a highly personalised service. I can support you to be as actively involved in crafting the ceremony and leading the funeral as you wish, from sharing ideas to creating a full, memorable service. 


  •  With a home funeral you have the freedom to do it your way, in your own time and the flexibility to decide where you wish to hold the service. You may choose a home based ceremony or one in a place of special meaning. The ceremony may be formal or informal, it may be a  large gathering or a small and intimate service. It can be non-religious or include religious and/or spiritual elements such as prayers, blessings and hymns. If you wish I can also assist you in deciding whether you would like to include poetry, readings and music as well as lead or support you at the ceremony.


  •  To add a personal touch and save costs you can gather your own flowers from your garden, or the gardens of your friends. You can choose meaningful music. This could be on a cd or ipod or may involve friends and/or family singing and playing their own musical instruments. You can ask close family and friends to be pall bearers or invite them to have a  special role within the ceremony. Giving specific tasks such as designing orders of service, answering the telephone or preparing food may also help them to feel included and connected to you and your loved one.


    Claire Turnham -  Independent Celebrant and Funeral Arranger





In the end what matters most is


How well did you love?

How well did you live?

How well did you learn to let go?


Buddhist saying



Ceremony and home funeral arrangement services up to






  •  consultations at home

  •  documentation

  •  crafting of ceremony

  •  celebrant services

  •  purchase and delivery of simple cardboard coffin or shroud. 

     These costs are flexible and may reduce depending on circumstances, financial position and how much involvement families have in the ceremony and the making of the home funeral arrangements.

    In addition to £1075 you also  may pay for:


Transport  £320




  •  any time day or night

  •  any day of the week

  •  one person at a time

 Carefully bringing your loved one home from  hospice, care home or hospital after death.

Safely taking your loved one on their final journey from home to local crematorium, cemetery or natural burial ground on day of funeral.

 The vehicle used is a plain coloured new estate car with interior hearse fittings and tinted windows. It is understated and discreet.


Dr's Fee £157.00 

(Cremation Only if Coroner is not involved)


 Natural Burial Ground Fees  vary from £950 or,


Oxford Crematorium Fee

  varies from £830





To personalise a ceremony & save


  • gather garden flowers;

  •  decorate coffin;

  • invite friends/family to be pall bearers;

  • choose music & arrange on ipod or cd;

  • choose readings/poems;

  • choose family/friends to read, speak, write eulogy play an instrument or lead the ceremony. 

  • ask friends/family to help with practical tasks, designing order of service, answering phone and preparing/bringing food to share.


Suspended Coffins, buy one give's all about the love



You may have heard of "suspended coffees" the idea of buying one giving one and paying it forward. A caffè sospeso (Italian: suspended coffee) is a cup of coffee paid for in advance as an anonymous act of charity. The tradition began in the working-class cafés of Naples, where someone who had experienced good luck would order a sospeso, paying the price of two coffees but receiving and consuming only one. A poor person enquiring later whether there was asospeso available would then be served a coffee for free.


If you appreciate "the extradorinary service for ordinary families " Only With Love offers  you may like to consider  a "suspended coffin"  to help another grieving family in need.  You can do this simply by choosing to pay for a simple coffin or shroud for their loved one.

 It's all about the love.


Thank you for your kindness in advance,  may peace, hope and healing be yours,


In gratitude,


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