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Education- Workshops and Events

We also offer workshops and seminars to families, friends and community groups who maybe interested in finding out more information about Home Funerals and Family Death Care Services.


We teach regular two hour introductory and one-day group workshops within Oxfordshire and can offer workshops and seminars throughout the UK by personal arrrangement. These workshops are family - focused, hands - on, heart - led, creative and informative.


Family members and community caregivers will have the opportunity to learn how to ceate sacred space, care for their own at death, to personalise and arrange a funeral and to discover the benefits of home funerals.


We also provide talks and in - service presentations to hospice, charities, church groups, university classes, health professionals, and other interested community and/or cultural groups.


Please be aware that group workshops are designed for interested individuals, families and communities who do not have a specific and urgent need at the time.


For upcoming workshops and events within Oxfordshire please see below. If you live outside Oxfordshire and would be interested in hosting a workshop in your area of the UK, please get in touch by telephone or email to arrange..




Claire Turnham -  Family Death Care and Home Funeral Educator



Call: 01865 362984 or 07881641583







Death Cafe Oxford

Please join us for tea, cake and warmhearted conversation on Monday February 9th from 1pm to 2.30pm at the vibrant and lively Barefoot Books studio, 294 Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7ED. Suggested donation £3.50.


Facilitated by Clare Turnham

To book please email:




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