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OWL's vision is to educate individuals and families who wish to care for their own at the time of death, according to their spiritual and/or cultural beliefs, in ways which honour the person who has died and their surviving loved ones.



OWL's mission is to

  • develop awareness that home funerals are a legal, affordable and meaningful alternative to a conventional funeral as well as

  • provide guidance to individuals and families who wish to tenderly care for their loved ones at home after death.



We understand that it is hugely empowering for individuals and families to care for their dead at home and/or to lead the funeral themselves and are dedicated to supporting their freedom to choose.



 We wish to help individuals and families celebrate and honour the lives of their loved ones after death and will respectfully work with them to create an intimate, beautiful and meaningful funeral ceremony at home or in a place of personal significance.



We believe that when we encourage people to talk more openly about death we help influence future generations' attitudes more positively.  Our work is part of a social movement toward reclaiming a family's rights to care for their own and to encourage more conscious and meaningful end-of-life rituals.



Only With Love is committed to supporting and giving back to the local community through the OWL Foundation, a community trust which will share a percentage of profits amongst local charities to create a heartfelt, lasting Legacy of Love.  



 © 2013 Claire Turnham



           © 2013 Claire Turnham



 © 2013 Claire Turnham

Did you know ?

Home funerals are:

  • legal

  • affordable

  • respectful

  • personal

  • and above all meaningful

    A home funeral is not a new concept. It used to be that families naturally cared for their own dead at home in a loving and time honoured way.

     the early 20th Century, death like birth, was seen as a natural part of family life. Loved ones were respectfully washed and gently laid out by those who loved them most. Nowadays, this care is more likely to be done by strangers who also direct the funeral.


      But it doesn't have to be that way.


Only With Love can help you rediscover the sacred gifts a home vigil and family - led funeral may bring.


When we guide your family through a home funeral you can take the time you need to grieve in a familiar environment. Within the comfort of home, family members feel less fear.  At home it's easier to accept what's happening and to grieve in a way that deeply honours the experience.


Only With Love is now gently changing  the way we approach  after - death care. We can help you bring loved ones home and care for them after death. We can also assist you and your family to lead a funeral with or without the sevices of a funeral director.


Claire Turnham

Founder, Only With Love




Only With Love - family led home funerals

tenderly caring for our own at death

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