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Home Funeral Guide Services


I wish to provide families with the necessary contacts, connection, courage and confidence to see themselves as the best people to care for their own  and  to  co - create a home funeral with them which honours the life of their loved one and the love they shared. 



Home Funeral Care 


I can offer advice and support with all aspects of a family led home funeral. As a home funeral guide I act with compassion, tenderness and warmth to help you bring your loved one home after they have died.


I can help you to create a sacred and quiet space for them to lie at home in honour. I act at all times with sensitivity, consideration and reverence when entering your home and I will help you care for your loved one, with the utmost love and respect.


Natural Body Care


 I can offer you and your family gentle guidance in the most intimate, loving ritual of bathing, dressing and laying out the body of your loved one.


I can support you daily, helping you to care for their body and can practically assist you in keeping them safely at home. I will bring herbs and essential oils to your home for massage, to control bacteria and to scent the skin.


It's a modern myth that embalming is essential.  I will show you how to gently care for their body naturally and will invite you to begin with a gentle bathing and hair wash of your loved one.


This is a very intimate, nurturing and nourishing experience, a truly beautiful, last act of tender loving care.


Finally, I can help you dress your loved one in clothing of your choice. In keeping with a natural approach I suggest natural fabrics of cotton, linen, silk or wool are best and recommend the minimal use of make-up.


Only With Love,


Claire Turnham - Home Funeral Guide
















I do not charge for any support or guidance I give to help families reclaim the art of tenderly caring for their own after death. This includes washing, dressing and laying out of their loved one's body naturally, at home.


I wish to honour the traditions of those who have carried these roles before me and I offer my time, skills and knowledge to families just before and just after death of a loved one as a gift from my heart.  I have no expectations of payment for these sacred services to you. However, if you choose to offer one I will gratefully accept your donation or payment in kind as a token of your appreciation from your heart to mine. 


Only with love,




Simplicity, patience and compassion these are your greatest treasures.


Take care with the end as you do with the beginning.


Lao Tzu

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